BBQ Request

Grill Rules and Regulations

1. Resident must submit request for use one week prior to the desired date of use.

2. Resident must have a Cornish Commons Staff person agree to be present for the duration of the grill’s use.

3. Resident is responsible for all items pertaining to the safe use and cleaning of the grill. This includes but is not limited to properly protecting the flooring from grease and spills, cleaning the grill after use, and turning off the gas at the end of use.

4. Resident will receive guidelines for proper use upon approval of request and will be held responsible for those guidelines.

Submit a Request

By submitting this request, I agree to the above rules and regulations and understand that neither Cornish Commons, Cornish College of the Arts, nor City University will be held responsible or liable for incidents during my use of the 20th Floor Amenities Deck Grill.