MicroFridge Order

If you would like to bring your own mini-refrigerator, they are limited to 3.5 cubic feet. We do not allow personal microwaves in the building. If you are assigned to a room with a kitchenette, it includes a refrigerator and microwave/convection oven combination. 

We're excited to partner with Collegiate Concepts to offer residents a MicroFridge.

MicroFridge with Safe Plug is the original combination appliance, designed for the collegiate environment. Hundreds of thousands of students nationwide have enjoyed the convenience of a MicroFridge with Safe Plug in their rooms.

MicroFridge with Safe Plug is approved by your school because it's safe. There are no exposed heating elements and MicroFridge with Safe Plug's patented internal circuitry is designed to reduce energy consumption. PLUS, we provide FREE pick up and delivery to your campus.

The MicroFridge program allows you to rent a combination mini-refrigerator/microwave for the academic year. The MicroFridge will be delivered to your room before you arrive to campus in September and will be picked-up at the end of the academic year. Additionally, if you have any problems, Collegiate Concepts will provide maintenance or replace your MicroFridge.