Summer 2019 Housing Details

We're excited you're interested in staying at Cornish Commons over the summer. Below you will find all the details you need to make your decision about summer housing and the application. Please review carefully to ensure you have a successful summer.


Can I stay in my current room or move to my fall room now?

We have a small number of rooms used by Cornish students over the summer. The rest of the rooms are used by groups and interns. We condense all Cornish students onto the same floor for the summer. Unfortunately, you will have to move.


When will I have to move rooms for summer?

Your summer room will most likely be available on Sunday, May 5. The exact date of your room change will be subject to availability and may be ready earlier or later. You should be prepared to move immediately after your room is ready. Housing staff will communicate directly with you on your room change status.


Can I live in Cornish Commons even if I won't be a student in the fall or living on-campus in the fall?

You must be a student in the fall and have a signed housing agreement for the fall to live in Cornish Commons over the summer. We have very limited space and availability is limited to those that will be continuing as housing students in the fall.


What is the application deadline for summer housing?

With limited rooms and room types, there is no deadline, we will continue to accept applications until we are full for the summer. The sooner you submit your application, the more likely we will have a space for you.


When does summer housing start & end?

Summer housing starts on May 4 when the building closes for the academic year and ends on Aug 18. You will be able to move into your academic year room around this date, subject to your room be ready for the fall.


What are the rates?

Single - $3,600 | Single w/kitchen - $4,325 | Double $2,935 | Double w/kitchen $3,600

Rates are for the entire summer, we do not offer prorated rates for shorter stays. We are unable to offer triple rooms for the summer. We have limited availability of all room types.


How does payment work?

Payment is due in full before the start of summer on May 3. If you would like to enter into a payment plan for your housing charges, please see the Student Accounts office at MCC.


Is there a meal plan for the summer?

There area limited cafe hours and several stretches of time when the cafe will be closed during the summer. There is no set meal plan for the summer period. Students in non-kitchenette rooms will be provided a MicroFridge for use during the summer. Students should consider this in their planning and determine how they can best utilize the 20th floor kitchen as part of their meal planning for the summer.