Cornish Commons Move OUt - May 4, 2019

Moving all of our residents out of Cornish Commons is a big task! Please review all the information below to help plan your move out on Saturday, May 4, 2019. We have designated move out times for each floor, so please review carefully. Planning now will help ensure you're move out day goes smoothly!

most important Detail for moving!

The halls close on Saturday, May 4 and move out is scheduled as follows:

• Floors 9-14 are scheduled to move and will have access to the elevators between 8am and 12pm.

 Floors 15-19 are scheduled to move and will have access to the elevators between 1pm and 5pm.

 Before 8am and between 12-1pm, the elevators will be open and anyone can use them as normal.



You will need to sign-up for a checkout time at the Welcome Desk. The only times that will be available to you will be during your scheduled block above. You will not be able to move out items during the move out block that is not for your floor. Outside the designated times, the elevators will not be stopping at the floors that are not moving except to pick-up people (no carts, boxes, or belongings will be allowed on).


Staff will be operating the elevators manually and people will not be able to move out of their room outside the designated time. YOU MUST PLAN AHEAD!

MOve Out Checklist

  • Finalize Summer & Fall Housing
  • Finalize Travel for May 4
  • Review Room Cleaning Expectations
  • Sign-up for a Checkout Time at the Welcome Desk
  • Start Packing Now!
  • Defrost & Clean Your MicroFridge
  • Prepare Items for Donation on April 23
  • Apply for Housing in the Fall
  • Complete a Change of Address Form
  • Have a Plan for May 4!

Room Cleaning Expectations

Before you leave, you've got to clean your room. Avoid a cleaning or junk removal charges by doing the following:

  • Vacuum the entire room
  • Clean your bathroom & vanity 
  • Dust
  • Take out all trash & recycling
  • Remove all personal items
  • Shut all windows and draw/close the blinds

Are you checking out before your roommate? They does absolve you from cleaning shared spaces in the room, specifically the bathroom and vanity. If you checkout first and then your roommate does not leave these shared spaces clean, you will split any cleaning charges. 

Move out FAQ

What if I want to move out before Saturday, May 4?

No problem! When you sign-up for a checkout time, you'll be able to choose options before Saturday. When moving out on those days, there are no restrictions on times you can move. Anyone that can move out before May 4, we highly encourage you to do so. It will be much easier with fewer people.


Where can I park?

We do not provide or have any parking available on-campus. There is street parking available all around and you can also park at the WholeFood parking lot, located at 2200 Westlake, the entrance is at the corner of Westlake and 9th. If you buy an item, even a bottle of water, they will validate your parking for 2 hours.


What if I can't move during my designated time?

All requests for exceptions to moving times must be made, in writing by May 1, to You will not be approved to move on Saturday during the moving time that is not for your floor.


What if I am a graduating senior?

Graduating seniors will be able to stay in their room until the day after graduation, Saturday, May 11 at noon. They should still plan on signing-up for a move out times at the Welcome Desk for their move out day.


If I'm living in Cornish Commons next year, is there storage in the building over the summer? 

No. We just don't have storage space in the building. There are a number of local storage units you can store items at over the summer for reasonable costs. We do not recommend a specific location. 


Where can I put items I want to donate?

We will be accepting donations on Saturday, April 27 at our End of Year party. We will take any item except opened food, which should be composted in the back alley of the building. More details will be going out to resident before April 27. We will be accepting limited donations on move out day, May 4.


What if I want to live in Cornish Commons for the summer?

You need to apply for summer housing today! We have limited space for summer housing, so apply before it's too late. We only offer summer housing to residents that will be returning to live in Cornish Commons for fall 2019. Students can apply for fall housing by logging into Compass and clicking on the Housing tab.


If I'm living in Cornish Commons next fall, do I still need to complete a Change of Address form?

Yes! After move out, any mail received by the College for you will be returned to sender. If you're coming back next year, you can set the Change of Address to be temporary, but this step must be completed.

What if I have additional questions

If you have any unanswered questions or if there is anything that is not clear, please email or call the Cornish Commons Welcome Desk at 206-315-5852. We want this process to go as smoothly as possible for each of our residents and for everyone to have a great end of year!