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Moving all of our residents out of Cornish Commons is a tricky task! Please review all the information below to help plan your move-out on or before Saturday, May 8, 2021. Our team is working diligently to create the best possible scenarios for each individual while maintaining the safety of our greater community.


Please make sure to inform us of your move-out plans using the link in your Cornish email inbox (sent April 13, 2021). We require this information to make sure we can manage all move-outs safely.

Plan on being completely packed and ready to head out with your belongings when your move-out begins. You may borrow a rolling cart from the first floor to help you move your items.

Academic year housing contracts end on Saturday, May 8 at 12 PM, so please plan to move out on or before that time. We highly recommend making a plan to move out earlier if your schedule allows. This will allow you to move out with less elevator traffic or other concerns.


  • Submit your move-out date using our link
  • Finalize travel for move-out day
  • Review room cleaning expectations
  • Have a plan in place for move-out day
  • Start packing now!
  • Apply for housing for next year
  • Look into any storage or moving options needed
  • Complete a Change of Address Form
  • Alert us to any maintenance needs


  • Pack everything before your move-out begins
  • Do your best to clean your room
  • Communicate frequently with your helper and other assistants
  • Check your mail before you leave
  • Place your Mail Key and Student ID in one of our envelopes and leave it in the designated box on the first floor
    (Students Graduating or Leaving Cornish Only:) Return your ORCA card with your Mail Key and Student ID
  • Remove all trash
  • Defrost and clean your MicroFridge


Before you leave, make sure to clean your room. You can avoid a cleaning or junk removal charges by doing the following:

  • Vacuum the entire room
  • Clean your bathroom & vanity
  • Dust and wipe down surfaces
  • Take out all trash & recycling
  • Remove all personal items
  • Open all windows and blinds (if raining: open vents)

Place any maintenance orders in advance if possible – the earlier we know about them, the better!

If you have already left the building and believe you may have left a particular mess or problem behind, please let us know so we can address any potential cleanliness concerns.


Need to pack, ship, or store but won’t make it back in person? We have used the service Dorm Room Movers in the past to provide our residents with easy and safe remote move-outs.

If you believe Dorm Room Movers services would be right for you, please contact us at housing@cornish.edu.


Our building does not remain vacant over the summer so leaving items in your room is not an option, but we’re happy to collaborate with you and your families to figure this out together! If it’s easiest for you to leave your items in Seattle these are some nearby options:

1. Seattle Vault Self Storage – 1800 Terry Ave, Suite 100 – (206) 476-5309

All Cornish Students will receive a 10% VIP Discount, 50% off 2 full months rent and 20% off all moving and packing supplies. Show your student ID and save! Convenient, well-lit, heated and secure storage! SEATTLEVAULT@STORAGEPARTNERS.COM

2. Public Storage – 1815 12th Ave. – Capitol Hill – (206) 438-9532

Ltd availability for smaller dorm-friendly units

3. Urban Storage – 1125 12th Ave. – Capitol Hill – (206) 973-2459

Ltd availability, offers insurance, on Seattle University campus

Please note that these are nearby options, not official recommendations, and we cannot guarantee rates or availability.


What if I want to move out before Saturday, May 8 at 12 PM?

No problem! Please just make sure you have submitted your move-out plans to us using the form we emailed to you.

What if I need to move out after Saturday, May 8 at 12 PM?

We know some of you will have classes on that Friday, but it is still our expectation that you move out by 12 PM on Saturday. All requests for exceptions to moving times must be made, in writing by April 29, to housing@cornish.edu. Your request is not guaranteed to be approved.

What if I am a graduating senior?

Our standard senior extension is in place to accommodate those planning to attend the College’s graduation events. Virtual commencement is on May 15. If you would like to extend your stay until as late as May 16 at 12 PM, please let us know by emailing us at housing@cornish.edu.

What if I want to live in Cornish Commons for the summer?

Please prepare to apply for summer housing! We sent an email to all residents about summer housing on April 7, 2021. Please contact us if you cannot find the relevant email, which is titled “Summer 2021 Housing at Cornish Commons”.

Once you have signed up for summer housing, you can expect to remain in your current room until you receive your summer room assignment. Please be prepared to move rooms as soon as May 8. Current and graduating residents will all be eligible for summer housing.

Can I still plan on living in Cornish Commons next academic year?

Please do! You can find the link to apply for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 housing by logging into Compass and clicking on the Housing page.

If I’m living in Cornish Commons next fall, do I still need to complete a Change of Address form?

Yes! After move out, any mail received by the College for you will be returned to sender. Your mail box and key are likely to change next year, so please do not mark this change of address as temporary.

Where can I park?

We do not provide or have any parking available on-campus. There is street parking available all around. If needed, you can also park at the Whole Foods parking lot, located at 2200 Westlake. The entrance is at the corner of Westlake and 9th. If you buy an item, even a bottle of water, they will validate your parking for 2 hours.

Do I need to return my ORCA card along with my ID and Mail Key?

If you are coming back to Cornish next year, no! Feel free to keep it for next year. If you are graduating or not coming back to Cornish, then yes, you should plan on returning your ORCA card in the same envelope as your ID and Mail Key. (This is a correction from our email on April 13, which incorrectly asked all residents to return their ORCA card.)

Please note that even if you do not return your ORCA card, students who are leaving Cornish will have their cards deactivated later. If you return your card by mistake but plan on coming back to Cornish in the Fall, please contact the Office of Student Life before move-in.


If you have any unanswered questions or if there is anything that is not clear, please email housing@cornish.edu for the fastest and best response. You may also call the Cornish Commons Welcome Desk at 206-315-5852. Don’t forget you can also review move-out emails that we have sent you. Our team is doing our best to stay on top of your needs!

We want this process to go as smoothly as possible for each of our residents, both away and present, and for everyone to have a great end of year!

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